Aha! a solution

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Now the Gujjars are violently protesting, burning buses and causing mayhem so that they be declared backward and granted the privilege of the quota system. Considering that our country is now growing increasingly backward, and more and more communities are demanding a backward status, I propose that the reservation quota be made 100% and all the people of India be declared backward so that the benefits of the quota system are reaped by everybody and there are no other violent protests in the future.


The stop payment of my Reality Check

•May 19, 2008 • 1 Comment

A friend’s sister is currently trekking in the Himalayas, surrounded by snow capped peaks and cooking over a log fire at her base camp. Trekking, camping, bungee jumping, white water rafting are a few activities that I have always dreamed of doing, but could never turn these dreams to reality. Trekking in the Himalayas is something I would definitely do, regardless of the fact that my manager wouldnt ever give me the required 2 week leave. I should have done all this in college, but I was always held up during the vacations, clearing my multiple backlogs.

The age of mediocrity

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The farce called ‘the appraisal process’ is finally over, in which I had to evaluate myself over vague factors, and give lengthy remarks which sounded more absurd than the definition of those factors themselves.

The age of mediocrity has finally taken over. I dont have the motivation to actually do something creative. That spirit of proving myself is lying dormant. It does kick into action once in a blue moon, making be believe that its not actually dead.

I do not know what I am doing in my life except wasting time at office. I do not have anything worthwhile to do while I am enclosed within that matchbox’ish building, that actually houses the offices of one of the top Indian IT companies. I hit various female profiles on orkut all day, hoping to find unlocked albums, or surf blog links that I unearth from the these profiles. In short I am a total nikamma guy who doesnt even have the will to progress further, somehow I am very happy with this stagnation, just because I am in my comfort zone.

The history of my future….

•March 25, 2008 • 1 Comment

Where I stand today: a software engineer, 23 years old, riding on the Indian IT wave, working for foreign clients, working according to the timings of the said foreign clients, earning an Indian salary, doing no creative work, average money, below average satisfaction, zero self respect.

Where shall I get if I continue like this? I would most probably become a project manager when I am 35 years old, shall occupy those cabins lining the glass walls, have a zero personality, and shall sit and devise new methods of torturing young recruits and shall take pleasure in dashing their high flying dreams to pieces. I shall be thinking up ways of decreasing project costs by recruiting inexperienced (lower salary) staff in place of the more experienced (higher paid) engineers. Is this the life I was made for? No sir, absolutely not.

After almost 20 months into my first job, I have come to terms with the Indian IT scene. I want to opt out now. A couple of years ago, I thought that the technical field was where my calling lay, but the truth was harsh and I am glad I hit on it without wasting too much of time. The scope of personal development in the field of IT, is very very limited, and I know I definitely dont want to end up like the charlatans in those glass cabins, lugging around laptops and throwing around phrases like ‘we have plans for you’, ‘you shall progress if you stay with us’, ‘the future is very bright’ at youngsters who come into this industry with starry dreams of fat paychecks and exciting careers.

Now where do I go from here?
I hate the state of indecisiveness, but thats precisely the state in which I was till last week. I knew that I wanted to study further and have a better job profile. But the weighty question was, what should I do for achieving my ultimate goal of an exciting career? Since the time I left college, I planned pursue MS, after a job stint of two years. The two years of work experience that I had planned for myself, is nearing its end and now I am not sure that I want to continue in the technical field. I have gathered that after my MS I can either try to get into Google (a very remote possibility), or become a college lecturer (not my style) or get back into the same domain again (never) or settle abroad and get into a company that actually values knowledge. I have realized that engineers mean very little to companies as they are available dime a dozen. The scene from the Jublee checkpost to Madhapur (IT guys on the bikes in the dense vehicular traffic, IT guys rushing towards cabs and pushing/shoving to get in) closely resembles something similar to the Factory areas in Faridabad and Gurgaon where factory workers rush to their workshops on their cycles, carrying their lunch boxes; and hang precariously out of public transport buses.

I have been often confused if I should pursue MS or an MBA, but now after almost 2 years of believing in “I was made for the technical” my thoughts have drastically changed to “I was made for the practical” and being in the industry has shown me that technical people are not practical, they are too idealistic. I am interested in the development of my personality, I am interested in public speaking, I am interested in meeting new people, I am interested in traveling to new places, I am interested in leaving an impression on people whom I meet. I am interested in giving my best performance and being paid for what I deserve. Money is a materialistic equivalent of my talent, innovation and achievements and I dont want my talent, innovation and achievements to be undervalued. Being an MS would give me some of the opportunities that I crave for, but I tend to believe that being an MBA would give me a better chance of achieving my desires. Hence I decided that I want to pursue an MBA degree instead of an MS.

I was never sure if MS was the correct path to my future, I dont even know what led me to believe so. I knew that I needed to study further and I knew I liked a bit of technical stuff (which I am really unsure of now); this clubbed with the fact that some of my peers opted for MS, and the possibility of getting a decent college abroad (having scores of hot gals) after scoring above average in the GRE; is the most likely reason that I decided on it. Now I have ditched my MS dreams and resolved to work towards getting into a good business school, and maybe get back into the IT industry albeit with a different job profile.

This decision was made in the past one week and I am really grateful to two of my friends in particular, who made sure that I didnt stay in a state of indecision forever. They didnt help me make my decision, but they helped me realise what I actually want, on the basis of which I decided what I ultimately want to do.

Dirty pink, here to stay!

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This weekend I celebrated Holi in the wildest way ever. I am still pink all over, with the ‘pukka rang’ and I know that it will take almost 10 days, for the color to fade away from my nails, and bathroom floor to stop turning pink whenever I have a shower. Made umpteen glasses of ‘thandai’ and then drove around the city in the unexpected rain on Holi day.

Went to watch ‘Race’ yesterday. Its one crappy movie, with lots of twists/turns and no logic. Although the ambiance of ‘Sensation’ theatre was good. ‘Sensation’ has Lazyboy type sofas and it was fun stretching out on them for the movie.The best part is that tickets are mostly available in current (if you go an hour early), which seldom happens in Hyd as the movie crazy Andhra public usually saps up tickets in advance for every movie however crappy the story may be.

The worst part is that due to some twisted sexist logic, girls are allowed to buy as many tickets per head as they want (P got 7 tickets for us) while guys get only one ticket per head. This makes the guys queue unusually long and further reduces chances of ‘guys only’ groups of getting tickets. Guys have to wait for an hour in the queue, while girls who reach 10 minutes early for the movie get a ticket by walking straight up to the counter and demanding a separate ‘ladies line’.

The great Indian Hypocrisy

•March 11, 2008 • 2 Comments

And yes, today I am going to write about a subject that I dearly love and hate, desire and loathe….. FEMALES!

Sample this: You are one of the 20 odd people waiting for shared cabs at the Paradise intersection. Its been nearly an hour since you have been waiting in the unrelenting sun, having covered your face with a hanky – a weak barrier against the pollution. You check your watch every few minutes, aware that the Project leader is going to glare at you when you enter office. Suddenly a cab slows down near you. You rush towards it only to find a couple of females also running in the same general direction. There is pushing and shoving amongst people to get into the cab, but since guys cannot push the girls…. they respectfully get a seat. The girls can shove guys or even step on their toes with their heels, but if somebody jostles the girl she would emit a shrill ultra sonic screech that usually sounds like “oooh”, “ouuchh”, “stupid” and glares as if she is surrounded by criminals and rapists.

An indica seats four people in the rear and one in the front. The incredibly sexist cab drivers and the equally opportunistic stupid females make sure that the females ride upfront while four bulky guys somehow squeeze behind. Yeah and then these girls talk about equality.

Does equality mean tipping the scales the other way to ‘overbalance’ ? does equality mean that females occupy seats in the general compartment in the local train instead of their nearly empty ladies coach further reducing the available space for us guys? (especially in a city like Hyderabad that has overflowing trains from which I regularly see guys falling out and getting killed). Does equality mean that females are free to push and shove to get into a cab but if they get pushed in return they make stupid noises? Does equality mean that only and only females get to ride in the front seat always?

I propose that a new phrase be coined – ‘female bigoted bitch’ as a counterpart to ‘male chauvinistic pig’. Females do face problems with a few ‘touchy-feely’ guys, but they should stand up for themselves and slap such people silly, instead of tipping the scales to the extreme other end and making victims of all guys universally.

Points to ponder

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I had a tough time convincing the girl that she wasnt actually in love with me. I dont know what she saw in me, that she fell for me. The worst part was that she was taking my turning her down as a personal rejection. She wanted a detailed explanation from me about what was wrong with her so that she could improve and then I could take her as my companion once she was up to the mark. It was as if I have no choice in choosing my own partner.

I wonder if it actually works the other way too? There’s this good looking chick who sits right across from me in office. She is very reserved, doesnt talk to anybody other than her own team mates and has a close group of (women only) friends. She wears almost 1 kilo of Kajal every day to office and has some pretty dangerous curves as well. If I do walk up to her ask ask her to be my partner because I like her, would she actually agree (notwithstanding any of the reasons she might have to turn me down…. including a pre-existing boyfriend) and not file a complaint against me with the HR department.